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Netting and film for meat and poultry
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JetNet® Brand Elastic Netting
Elastic Netting
More Style and Variety!
JetNet Corporation produces over 300 different styles and sizes of elastic netting in variations of cotton, mono-filament and polyester materials. Our special LokNetTM construction guarantees product uniformity and eye appeal.

You are certain to find a size and style which will provide the perfect amount of holding power and most appealing imprint. Whether your product is meat or poultry, smoked or cured, fresh or cooked, no other netting is made as well or works as well as JetNet® brand elastic netting.

JetNet® brand netting comes in 50 yard and 50 meter lengths or in the convenient 100 piece precut package. The netting can also be sewn or clipped at one end according to your processing specifications.