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Netting equipment for meat and poultry
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Netting Equipment
JetNet offers equipment for packaging all types of meat and poultry products ranging from small manual applicators to fully automatic netting machines. Designed from the highest quality materials and finest grade stainless steel, our equipment will help improve your efficiency and reduce cost.

JetTyer ApplicatorsJetTyer™ Applicators
Fabricated in the JetNet plant from the finest grade stainless steel, JetTyer™ applicators package all types of meat and poultry products.

Netmatic LoadersNetmatic™ Loaders
Sturdily built, yet light-weight, Netmatic™ airpowered loaders permit portable or stationary installation and offers savings in both time and cost.

Pneumatic JetTyersPneumatic JetTyers™
Developed by JetNet and time-tested in food processing plants around the world, the CXAL Pneumatic JetTyer™ has proven itself to be reliable, efficient, time-saving, and economical.

NEW! Professional chef's, restaurants, and sophisticated home cooks can now purchase JetTyer™ Netting Applicators, also known as Stuffing Horns, directly through our new online retail store—KitchenNet.com™. The perfect tool to easily apply JetNet food netting to meat and poultry.
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