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Pneumatic JetTyersTM
Pneumatic JetTyer
The ultimate in applicator equipment!
Developed by JetNet and time-tested in food processing plants around the world, the CXAL Pneumatic JetTyerTM has proven itself to be a reliable netting applicator of the highest quality!

Air-powered and fabricated with the finest stainless steel, the CXAL is efficient, time-saving, and economical. All parts are standardized, facilitating replacement and changeover to various sizes. The CXAL is fully automatic and, for greater safety, is dual push button operational from either side.

  • Advantages:
  • Customized for all applications
  • For safety—dual push button operation
  • Heavy duty chromed stainless steel piston rod prevents rod-sag
  • Heavy duty stainless steel base
  • Built-in overload piston return
  • Red "safety" button provides for emergency retraction of piston
  • Speeds up production
  • Insures uniformity of product
  • Adapts to straight, flared, and expandable/retractable horns
  • Trained field specialists are available to serve you.